AALHE & Watermark Share Findings from Joint Research Study

Webinar Recording

Since 2016, the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) and Watermark have actively collaborated on a number of initiatives to help assessment practitioners and institutions advance the practice of meaningful assessment within higher ed.

Their most recent effort—a joint research report released in June 2018—examines the various roles of assessment practitioners in higher education, what they know today, and what they want to know moving forward.

The Assessment Profession in Higher Education: Addressing the Varied Professional Development Needs of Practitioners

Read the full report to explore the current status of assessment in higher ed and take an in-depth look at the everyday tasks, responsibilities, challenges, and needs of today’s assessment professionals.

Inside the Mind of the Learning Assessment Practitioner

Download this infographic for a high-level view of the many roles assessment practitioners play, how they spend their time at work, and the perceptions they hold about assessment in higher education.

WEBINAR: Addressing the PD Needs of Assessment Professionals

July 25, 2018 | 2:00pm ET

Watch our webinar with members from AALHE and Watermark to explore findings from their joint research study in greater depth. The report authors describe their methodology and results and discuss opportunities to address the professional development needs of assessment practitioners. The webinar provides practical recommendations for institutions and professional organizations to better support assessment practitioners, particularly in the area of professional development