Assessment 360 with Planning & Self-Study | Watermark solution tour
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Watermark Planning & Self-Study, created exclusively for higher education, unifies planning, assessment, and outcomes in a single, integrated hub for driving and demonstrating institutional effectiveness. In this demo we’ll walk through the intuitive workflows that make it easy to map your curriculum, engage your campus in annual assessment cycles, understand progress toward your strategic plan objectives, run program reviews, and build self-studies for accreditation — all in one centralized system.

Be ready for an eye-opening demonstration of key capabilities, including how Planning & Self-Study enables you to:

— Quickly pull assessment data from a variety of sources for simple analysis.
— Immediately track key metrics using intuitive dashboards.
— Unify your stakeholders as they complete their tasks with newfound clarity and simplicity.

Plus you’ll get a firsthand look at our latest features, like our exciting AI capability for creating outcomes and the ability to leverage labor market data in your program reviews.

Presenter: Hunter Simmons, Senior Enterprise Solution Engineer, Watermark

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Prioritize through predictions

Our predictive model results lead to proactive discussions with students about why they may struggle – or succeed – in their educational journey and help you develop a guided pathway for them to get back on track.

Confidence in connectivity

Seamless integrations with student information, learning management, financial, and survey systems remove the risk of duplicate data and errors, while also streamlining process management.

Support students anytime, anywhere

Our native mobile app guides students on their individualized journeys to success. Students can download the app instantly for an effective support system from day one.

We're here for you

Our award-winning client services team will help you every step of the way, from implementation to advanced uses — 24/7.

Ian Slater
Vice President for Student Development

"Watermark helps us keep the students we've worked so hard to recruit and see them across the finish line, which in turn improves the bottom line of the college."

Pamela Madden
Director of Retention

"Everything was siloed in our college... no one really had access to everything. With Watermark, we were able to pull everything into one location, which gives faculty, staff, advisors, and leadership the same tool. They can see everything holistically."

Cameron Harmon Ed.D.
Dean of Math and Sciences, Head of Transfer Advising Center

"It is so nice to finally have one place to house all of this information, I can't tell you. It's like night and day. We love it."