Creating a culture shift: Making faculty activity reporting a part of everyday life
[ Webinar ] Thursday, June 27, 1 pm ET


What if you didn’t have to remind faculty members to track their accomplishments, participate in review processes, or complete annual reporting tasks, and instead it was just automatic? That’s just the type of culture shift that happened at The University of Southern Mississippi when they implemented Watermark Faculty Success.

In this webinar, you’ll see how the university made faculty activity reporting a part of everyday life by using a phased approach to build trust while gradually expanding use of the new software.

You’ll learn how to:
– Create an implementation and training strategy that meets faculty where they are.
– Establish a multi-phase rollout and gradually expand the use of software across multiple institutional processes.
– Capitalize on faculty activity data and use key metrics to inform resource allocation and other critical discussions.

– Douglas Masterson, SACSCOC Liaison at The University of Southern Mississippi
– Allison Gillespie, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs at The University of Southern Mississippi

This is a presentation of a previously-recorded webinar.

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Ian Slater
Vice President for Student Development

"Watermark helps us keep the students we've worked so hard to recruit and see them across the finish line, which in turn improves the bottom line of the college."

Pamela Madden
Director of Retention

"Everything was siloed in our college... no one really had access to everything. With Watermark, we were able to pull everything into one location, which gives faculty, staff, advisors, and leadership the same tool. They can see everything holistically."

Cameron Harmon Ed.D.
Dean of Math and Sciences, Head of Transfer Advising Center

"It is so nice to finally have one place to house all of this information, I can't tell you. It's like night and day. We love it."